Land Use and Permits

Land use permits are required in Mantrap Township for any building or development occurring outside of shoreland areas (1,000 feet from the ordinary high water level of a lake, pond or flowage and the Mississippi River in the Mississippi Headwaters Corridor; and 500 feet from a river or stream, or the landward extent of a floodplain designated by ordinance on a river or stream, whichever is greater).  Hubbard County Environmental Services administers permits inside of the 1000’/500′:

Developer’s Agreement

Mantrap Township Road Agreement

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule


Instructions for use:  print form, fill out, and submit to the Township Clerk and Zoning Administrator by scanning/emailing, mailing to the township, or dropping it off directly to the Zoning Administrator. Payment is required before application is considered complete. Payments may be mailed to the Township or given directly to the Zoning Administrator. For driveway permit applications, please contact the zoning administrator.

Conditional Use Application

Interim Use Application

Land Use Ordinance Amendment Application

Land Use Permit Application

Variance Application